Tea-Tini (Tea & Spirit Infusion Starter Set)
Tea-Tini (Tea & Spirit Infusion Starter Set)
Tea-Tini (Tea & Spirit Infusion Starter Set)
Tea-Tini (Tea & Spirit Infusion Starter Set)
Tea-Tini (Tea & Spirit Infusion Starter Set)
Tea-Tini (Tea & Spirit Infusion Starter Set)

Tea-Tini (Tea & Spirit Infusion Starter Set)

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  • Description:

    Bring the inner mixologist to life in the comfort of your home with the Tea-Tini Infusion Set. Versatile in nature & easy to convert from day to night use or while on the road. Use for steeping herbal teas or making handcrafted cocktails.

    This all-in-one set comes with the ingredients sourced from all over the world, just to bring it to your doorstep in one all encompassing box. 

    1. All-in-1 Double Walled Glass Infusion Bottle - Suitable for hot & cold beverages. 

    Perfect for on the go beverages + slow infusions

    2. 4 Reusable Air Tight Tins -

      • Candied Orange Peels -
    • a 3 day process of delicately smoking the peels and infusing them with spices like fresh Vanilla Bean, Cloves, Cinnamon to name a few. 
    • Dehydrated Seasonal Mixed Fruit (Orange, Lemon, Mango, Ginger, Coconut)
    • Lavender
    • Hibiscus Flowers
    • Rose Buds

    Directions on how to use your Infusion Bottle -

    1. Your Tea-Tini Infusion Bottle has gone through our rigorous quality check to test for leaks and have been pre-washed however, we recommend a gentle hand wash before use

    2. Open the 'small container' and place your infusions.

    3. Open the 'larger container' and fill with your choice of beverage 

    4. Invert the bottle and let sit on your countertop for preferred time. Do note, hot beverages infuse faster and need less time, cold beverages will need longer infusion times.

    5. Invert your bottle one last time and open the 'larger container'. Enjoy your freshly infused beverage.

    Tea Recipes - 

    • Rose Buds : 3-4 Rose Buds, Water heated to 185*F - 190*F, 5-6 minutes steep time. 
    • Hibiscus Flowers : 1 whole flower, Water heated to 185*F, 5 minutes steep time.
    • Lavender Flowers : 1 Tsp of flowers, Water heated to 190*F, 6-7 minutes steep time. 
    • Mixed Seasonal Fruit : As this is a variety pack, feel free to mix and match the ingredients as per your liking. 
    Note: All teas can be steeped for additional time if you desire a stronger flavor or you may increase the quantity of the tea.

    Mixology Recipes 

    Click the link below to access custom recipes created by mixologists from around the globe.  


    `Please tag us on Instagram (#footprintllc) and send us a video of your Tea-Tini Creations to win exciting prizes. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beautiful Tea Set!

I absolutely love my Tea-Tini set! The diffuser bottle has such a luxurious feel to it. The process of diffusing the tea forces you to slow down to embrace the beauty of how the tea blooms. The set has the perfect amount of different tea options, the mixed seasonal fruits and hibiscus flowers is a treat hot or cold - just mix it with some agave or your favorite adult beverage! My favorite is the lavender and rose tea combined, the blooming effect in the diffuser bottle is like watching natural art. The best part is sipping the lavender rose tea, it is like enjoying a spa experience in a cup. Simply divine!

Love my Tea-set

I just love this tea-set. It's perfect for my husband and I. He loves making mixed drinks and I love the tea. I wish I could buy an additional bottle separately, so we had one for each.