Our Journey This Far..

Everyone knows they need to be more eco-friendly, but what does that actually mean? Does that mean you give up on all things good, as that is a misconception a lot of us have. We choose a lifestyle versus choosing life itself. 

Being more eco-friendly and living a sustainable life purely means, you as a human, are aware of the consequences of your daily choices and by doing so reduce the impact on our environment. Choosing life over lifestyle. 


A little background about me, all of my adult life I have been a part of the finance world and did not believe I was living to my true potential. My fun-time activity was gardening and my goal was to grow most of my produce for my family’s consumption. Through my passion for gardening I learnt more about how to live a sustainable life and the impact of the choices we make. 


When I found there was an alternative to one-time use paper, which is made from recycled paper and embedded with seeds, Footprint was born, which combined my passion for plants and my love for all things up-cycled and repurposed.  We launched with plantable seed paper greeting cards which once read and cherished by the receiver can be planted in your backyard or a pot and see a plant representing your affection. 

It is a known fact that paper has a finite number of times which it can be recycled, post that point it is deemed as ‘Trash’ and ends up in Landfills. With plantable seed paper, you are transforming used paper back into a plant, which is its original form. All our seed paper are handmade only from Recycled Paper, making it truly Zero Waste and a Sustainable solution.

Soon, I realized most greeting cards are accompanied by a gift and we attach a Gift Tag, which is a one-time use product, that is when I created Plantable gift tags with Basil seeds, these are also made from recycled paper. I was very skeptical if customers would understand why the plantable cards are better suited for the environment, but the response received was extremely positive and overwhelming, which only motivated me to further my cause. 


We have now expanded our product line to not only save trees but also stop animal cruelty and save our planet from one-time use plastic bottle waste, by offering vegan leather bags, washable paper bags and reusable infusion glass water bottles. 


Our next gen bags are completely washable and are accompanied with a storage bag to preserve your bag when not in use. 

The Fresca and Raven Tote were created as a utility bag either to go to the beach, grocery shopping or fill them to the rim with plant saplings or let the paints spill in them in your next get away into nature for an impromptu art session. Wash it gently and it comes back to being brand new again!  

The Beyond Tote and Slate Backpack are our washable paper bags which have a blended cotton on the interior and the backpacks have a padded interior to protect your electronics, all consciously created, keeping in mind the impact on our environment. 

Our mission is making a small change at a time, which will eventually have a huge impact. I strongly believe, once consumers know there is an eco-friendly alternative, it is up to them to make the choice. If there is no choice, we cannot blame consumers on being wasteful and that is why quality is at the foundation of everything we do. 


Last Holiday season, we introduced the Yogini, crystal-infusion water bottles in rose quartz and amethyst and the Tea-Tini, tea and spirit infusion set. 

Our unique designs allows the user to replace the one-time use water bottle while elevating the water you drink with either the crystal infusion or with the florals included in the set. 

The Yogini is made with borosilicate glass, stainless steel and 100% crystal. We offer customers interchangeable crystals, so you only need to get 1 bottle. Crystals have played a huge impact on my life during the pandemic and have helped me get through some tough times and are now a part of my wellness rituals. I strongly believe nature has provided us with an abundance of natural remedies which we are still to realize the potential of. When creating this bottle, it was to remind people every time they take a sip of water to refocus and channel their energy into their own consciousness and become aware of the manifestations each crystal represents of love, centering, positivity and balance.


The Tea-Tini is a tea and spirit infusion set which was created for customers to have some fun making different types of drinks. The infusion bottle is double-wall borosilicate glass and is dishwasher safe making it convenient to use on a daily-basis. All our ingredients are carefully curated and are 100% caffeine free. Let the inner mixologist in you come to life by creating new combinations of tea or cocktails.  Each set comes with 4 types of infusers in reusable metal tins. The set also includes our Holy Smokes which can be used to smoke cocktails or used as an incense / smudge stick. We strongly believe in multi-use products. 


We take pride in creating our products and carefully implement processes right to the packaging to ensure we only use recycled materials which can be degraded in your home or reused by our customers. Being in charge of our processes allows us to ensure strength, durability, and longevity of each and every product. 

The goal of my company is to provide stylish and chic sustainable products which makes living a sustainable life easy on consumers.